Saturday, September 26, 2009

This and That

Hello there -

Just got back from my wonderful finisher, Sue, a few of the stockings that I have finished stitching, and she put them into stockings for me. They are wonderful. Will take a picture of them in the next couple of days. Some go to an exchange and some are mine.

My stitching the last couple of days has gone by the wayside. Many of you know that Jim has been so, so sick the past years, and he just came home from the hospital on Wednesday. When he's in the hospital, I get tons of stitching done, nothing else to do, so I stitch. When he's home, I have all the daily things to do PLUS. So, the stitching gets put to the side. BUT hopefully this afternoon I'll be finishing up my exchange for PS and also get the hangers on the stockings for their recipients.

Am loving all the new items coming from market, but have to tell myself that 1) you do not have nine lives, 2) that you barely have time to stitch what you already have, and 3) and most importantly, stitch what you love only. SO, I'm concentrating on #3 most of all.

I guess that's about all for now. Everyone is doing well, and Jim actually slept all night last night, for the first time in months I think. So for now, all is well.